Sleep Lab Accreditation Program

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Sleep Clinic/Laboratory Accreditation by Indian Society for Sleep Research

Recently there is rapid growth in Sleep Medicine in our country. Parallel with the growth we do not have adequate sleep physicians and sleep technicians. On the other hand the numbers of sleep laboratories are outnumbering the number of sleep physicians. As a National Professional Society, the Indian Society for Sleep Research has volunteered to offer accreditation programme for Sleep Medicine Centre and Sleep Testing Laboratories with the purpose of bringing quality health care in sleep medicine in India. Accreditation of sleep medicine centres and sleep laboratories is essential to ensure and improve patient care. The Accreditation is based on the guidelines followed by American Academy of Sleep Medicine, European Society for Sleep Research and Indian requirement.

Interested are requested to apply to Indian Society For Sleep Research in prescribed application form. The application form can be downloaded from the website.

A fee of Rs 50, 000 is applicable for the same which should be sent by bank draft drawn in favour of Indian society for Sleep research. There is no deadline for application. The accreditation process will take about two-three months from the day we receive your application. There will be an inspection of the Sleep facility by experts appointed by Indian Board of Sleep Medicine who will submit their report to the Indian Board of Sleep Medicine for final decision.

Click here to download Sleep Clinic/Laboratory Accreditation Application Form