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Budur Krishna Murthy Award

The Indian Society for Sleep Research (ISSR) announces Budur Krishna Murthy Travel Award and Budur Krishna Murthy Young Investigator Award from the year 2014.

Budur Krishna Murthy Travel Award is offered to 5-10 young life members of ISSR preferably below 35 years to attend ISSR organized scientific activities within India. Budur Krishna Murthy Young Investigator Award (Rs 10, 000 cash prize) is given to the best poster presented in the ISSR organized conferences.

Dr Kumar Budur is a distinguished regular international faculty in the National Sleep Medicine Course organized by ISSR every year since 2006. His beloved father Late Shri Krishna Murthy Budur valued education, science and research very much. To fulfil this long cherished desire of his father, Dr Kumar has donated a generous amount to ISSR. The ISSR has instituted above two awards in the name of Late Budur Krishna Murthy.

Budur Krishna Murthy (19.7.1942 – 23.11.2011) was born as an only child to his parents in the district of Bellary in Karnataka, He was a self made man and owned small business. Although not fortunate to have higher education for himself, he highly valued education, science and research. A simple and a humble man with a mild sense of humor, he encouraged everyone to pursue their dreams. He was a source of hope, optimism and strength and touched so many lives in so many positive ways

National Sleep Medicine Course Corpus Fund

Dr Deepak Shrivastava is well known to the Indian sleep community. He is the founder and clinical course coordinator of the National Sleep Medicine Course conducted by the Indian Society for Sleep Research since 2006. This course is conducted every year to advance the knowledge of sleep medicine amongst Indian physicians. Dr Deepak and his colleagues come every year from USA to run this educational programme. This course has become very popular amongst the sleep medicine community and it is in high demand. He wants the programme to continue for years to come and at the same time reduce the dependency on the sponsor money. As a service to the motherland, Dr Shrivastava and his wife Kavita Shrivastava have donated generously to build a CORPUS FUND for this purpose.

ISSR will utilize this money for providing financial support for running the National Sleep Medicine Course. The fund will be named as “NSMC Corpus Fund”. Donations from other sources will also be accepted for enhancing the Corpus Fund. The interest accrued from this corpus fund will be utilized primarily for providing seed money for running the National Sleep Medicine Course. The seed money will be given with the understanding that it will be returned after the NSMC. It will be described as a loan so that the NSMC organizer will not face any audit objection while returning the money. The returned money will be added to the corpus fund. The President of ISSR is authorized to write off the given seed money if the NSMC does not make profit. He is also authorized to work out the appropriate modality for managing the “NSMC Corpus Fund”. The President of ISSR will have the authority to utilize the interest money for any other need, in exceptional circumstances, as per the demand of the situation.