President’s Message

President’s Message2019-03-14T07:10:43+00:00

Dear Friends,

Seasons’ Greetings and wish you a wonderful 2019. I was waiting for the launch for our new website.

It has been an enriching experience serving as the President of the ISSR. With the support of its dedicated members, teaching faculty and international collaborators, ISSR has become a leader in the progression of sleep science and sleep medicine.

Besides carrying out regular academic activities, we have stepped into new ventures which include launch fo the Journal “Sleep and Vigilance”, public education and promotion of sleep health. Our latest endeavour has been to sensitize First year Graduate Medical students to sleep research. This programme will lay the foundation for future sleep research leaders. These young brains will keep the field of sleep research and medicine vibrant with their new ideas, plans and ambitions.

During last two decades, the contribution to sleep medicine by industry and chest physicians in India is tremendous and praiseworthy. Now it is time to look beyond sleep disordered breathing. With the growing change in sleep habits in our society; mostly by the youngsters, our responsibilities towards prompting sleep health, need immediate attention. The youngsters have taken the abuse of sleep as a matter of right and pleasure. The early school timing in metros mostly in winters do not give enough opportunities for our children to sleep adequately. This may interfere with the physical and mental growth of our children who are the future of the country. Education of parents on sleep hygiene is the need for the hour. We have to wake up the government on the economic burden of drowsy driving. The Ministry of Education should include topics in sleep health in school curriculum.

Let us make it routine to spread the importance of sleep health in all available social gatherings.

Do not sacrifice your sleep for pleasure and mobile games. Sleep is the biggest pleasure nature has given us. Abuse it, face the health consequences

Hrudananda Mallick

Sleep well, sleep on time